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Sushi sets

Product code: set 64.
Veggi Crunch, Kappa maki, Avokado maki..
Ex Tax:11.16€
Product code: set 55.
Avokado maki, Kappa maki, salmon maki, fry ebi maki, Philadelphia Gold, Himeji, Wakame Roll, Tomago Roll, 4st sashimi..
Ex Tax:33.06€
Product code: set 80.
Salmon crunch, Fry ebi crunch, Roll Lachs, Roll Garnelen..
Ex Tax:29.67€
Product code: set 56.
Tuna Crunch, Fry Ebi Roll, Salmon maki, Tuna maki, 3st salmon sashimi..
Ex Tax:28.51€
Product code: set 60.
Himeji, Kamakura, Wakame Roll, Sake Sezame, Sake Avokado, Philadelphia, Sake maki, Avokado maki, Kappa maki, Fry Ebi maki, 4gb nigiri, 8st..
Ex Tax:57.02€
The Notorious 40 gb (set 62.)
-20 %
Product code: set 62.
Fudjiyama, Kyuri, Kawasaki, Login, Vegan Crunch..
26.87€ 33.60€
Ex Tax:22.21€
Tokyo Set 32 pcs (set 57.)
-20 %
Product code: set 57.
Alaska Roll, Fry Ebi Roll, Chicken Hot , Sake Hot..
22.31€ 27.90€
Ex Tax:18.44€
Product code: set 58.
Avokado maki, Tuna maki, Salmon maki..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Product code: set 81.
Chef’s surprise, kappa maki, avocado maki, Veggi crunch..
Ex Tax:21.41€
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